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Each and every home inspection is our top priority. We are your Wichita home inspector of choice and we ensure that the proper attention is paid to every detail, and our customers fully understand the results of the inspection. Even better, customers are encouraged to walk along during the home inspection process to see the findings first hand and ask questions.

Inspections performed by Top Gear Home Inspections are performed only by AHIT Certified Home Inspectors, recognized and approved by American Society of Home Inspectors.

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“The inspector was not only nice, he was extremely thorough and spent extra time with us answering any questions. He started right on time with the inspection and went above and beyond what was required.” ~ Julie Z. in EscondidoReview of Insight Property Inspections of San Diego

OUR EXPERIENCE – With over 10,000 home inspections performed, all
Insight Inspectors are NACHI certified, have experience in the building
and remodeling trades and arrive with the best, top, and latest
technology to inspect your home or investment property. We are your prefered La Jolla home inspector. We are not at
the property to remodel the home. However, having building and
remodeling experience gives an Insight Property Inspector advantages
when inspecting your potential property to discover and thoroughly
explain issues of the home or building. Why hire a property Inspector
who has never worked on a house but simply taken a test? Insight
Property Inspectors specialize in taking the time to educate the client
about the home and photo-document potential defects in a beautiful
report. In addition, the report includes professional illustrations, links
to the internet, a photo gallery section and summary page…

Analyzing the difference Between Warm and Cold Weather Climate Home Inspections

There are many differences that every homeowner must take note of when dealing with cold or warm weather climate home inspections. A top Home Inspection Miami company has listed a few facts that guide their clients and this will be shared shortly. However, before we go into the heart of this discussion, it is important to reiterate the basics. Home inspections help you to get a good grasp of the property that you intend to sell or buy. This common theme does not change irrespective of the weather condition in which the property is situated.

When you are carrying out a warm weather climate home inspection, an issue such as the heating system may not be at the top burner. On the contrary, it is the Ventilation and Air-condition system that will be your priority. Also, the person who is buying a home in a warm weather climate does not need to bother about incurring a high heating bill. This does not apply to those in a cold weather situation. A cold weather climate home inspection gives strong emphasis to the heating system. This single factor can make or break any real estate deal. The home inspector ensures that the heating system is working optimally.

The pricing of a home in a cold weather climate may slightly differ from a home in a warm weather climate. Homes in the colder region have to ensure that their roof is de-mossed, there is a snow shovel and the gutters are emptied. This means that the home inspector must give a critical look at the state of the roof. No one wants to buy a home that will cave in when there is a high snowfall in the area. The warm weather home inspection looks at the roof but this is weighed against the rainfall and protection from the elements like wind and sunshine. What may be considered a good roof in a warm weather climate may not suffice for those in a cold weather climate.

The plumbing system is another area of interest for those who carry out cold weather climate home inspections. Pipes can freeze under cold weather and this can affect its functionality. This means that the homeowner in the cold regions must ensure they maintain optimum heat levels in order to keep their pipes in good condition. In warm weather situations, the home inspector looks at the pipes but the issue of freezing does not come into the picture. All he does is to make sure that the pipe is strong enough to serve the property and it does not leak.

Also, the home inspection in cold weather climates looks at issues such as the insulation of the doors and windows. This is to guard against the freezing cold that may be looking for outlets to get into the home. The warm weather home inspection is not particular about insulation because it does not apply to the area in which the home is situated.

Generally, the basic rules for home inspections apply across the board; however, each weather climate condition determines the areas where greater emphasis is laid during an inspection exercise.

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Where Home Inspection is Not Just a Job – It’s a Way of Life

All of the home inspectors and different companies that represent the TX Science inspection realm know that there research and the information they bring to the table is what allows buyers to continually make smart, informed decisions. There is one thing for sure and two things for certain and that is that everyone needs a house to live in as well as food to eat. Oh yes, and of course everyone will have to pay taxes during their lifetime. During the course of ones life they will encounter many different decisions and each of them will play an a certain role of importance in their life, however none of these decisions will likely be as big as the decision to buy a home. Home inspection firms should not be looked at as an expense but rather a way in which the general public can protect themselves against being ripped off.

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